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We are agents, transmitters and preservers of Culture, the very best in our country.

The MacArthur Foundation's intervention through the University of Ibadan Heritage Preservation and Museum Development programmes have saved the institution's more than 300 cultural objects pieces; of wooden, ceramics, indigenous textiles, metal objects, etc. They were salvaged from different degrees of deterioration and have been fully restored . The cultural objects are currently on exhibition at the temporary site of the University Cultural Heritage Museum at the Trenchard Hall Gallery overlooking the Tower Court. The informing objectives have been largely achieved. Besides, the cultural artifacts have also been digitized and can be closely watched on the overhead multimedia screen in the museum. Additional cultural objects from Nigeria, African countries and the African Diaspora have been acquired and more are still been expected through friendly donations, exchange and direct purchase where the laws permit. The cultural artifacts in the museum are meant, primarily, to promote scholarship for teaching and research purposes, as well as facilitate local and global visibility, accessibility and revenue generation.





The Museum opens by 9:00 am and closes by 3:30 pm on Mondays to Fridays.

It is always closed on weekends and public holidays.

For inquiries, call: